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How to choose a common rail tester?

How to choose a common rail tester?
There are many manufacturers of common rail tester on Chinese market. Each of them promotes the quality of their common rail tester. The price of the common rail tester ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

Today, I will briefly explain here how to choose a suitable common rail test bench.

The main factors affecting the test accuracy of the common rail test bench include hardware and software:
Hardware: common rail, fuel pump, fuel temperature control system
The common rail is the pressure accumulator, and the fuel pump is the source of power.
The stability of pressure and fuel temperature will directly affect the repeatability and stability of the test data.
That is to say, the performance of the rail and the common rail pump will directly affect the accuracy of the data.
But in order to confuse customers, some manufacturers will work hard on the software to keep the pressure data displayed on the test bench in a stable state, to cheat customers. At this time, you can take a mechanical pressure gauge to test whether the actual pressure and the displayed pressure on the test bench are consistent.
Or you can take a single test on the test bench with a fuel injector, single-step test and continuous test to check the repeatability and stability of the data.
This is the key hardware needs attention. In the next chapter, we will introduce the software and other content.

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