Why the diesel engine has no enough power?

Symptoms of insufficient engine power: It is reflected in the acceleration performance and climbing ability, especially in the case of heavy load, the engine power is obviously insufficient, the accelerator is soft, and the speed of the vehicle cannot be increased rapidly; the exhaust is dull, the driving is weak, and the fuel consumption increases […]

ISA coding

What Is Coding? Why Need A Code?

Recently many customer especially some trader asked me: what is coding? why we need coding after testing? because few years ago, in Chinese market coding is not need by the repairman, they just repair the injector as per test bench test results and experience, the injector will work properly on the engine, but in recently […]

Diesel injector test

How To Repair The Common Rail Injector By Using Adjusting Shims? – Stage 3 Repair Solution.

The video is a demstration of stage 3 repair skill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgfn2meNmPw Firstly we introduce the different working conditions of the common rail injectors: 1) Full loading diesel fuel return: long power-on time, maximum rail pressure, fuel return, judge common rail injector sealing, whether there is enough diesel fuel supply capacity. 2) Full load fuel injection: long […]

common rail injector test bench

Common Rail Injector Test And Repair

If a common rail injector is blocked by impurities, how to detect it? Common rail Injector trouble-shooting points- common rail injector tester: 1, If using diagnostic sanner to check it, no fault code or fault code content has nothing to do with the injector; ü The rail pressure can reach more than 25MPa when starting; […]