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How To Repair The Common Rail Injector By Using Adjusting Shims? – Stage 3 Repair Solution.

The video is a demstration of stage 3 repair skill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgfn2meNmPw Firstly we introduce the different working conditions of the common rail injectors: 1) Full loading diesel fuel return: long power-on time, maximum rail pressure, fuel return, judge common rail injector sealing, whether there is enough diesel fuel supply capacity. 2) Full load fuel injection: long […]

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Common Rail Injector Test And Repair

If a common rail injector is blocked by impurities, how to detect it? Common rail Injector trouble-shooting points- common rail injector tester: 1, If using diagnostic sanner to check it, no fault code or fault code content has nothing to do with the injector; ü The rail pressure can reach more than 25MPa when starting; […]

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The Necessary Conditions For BOSCH Common Rail Injector To Start Fuel Injection

The necessary conditions for BOSCH common rail injector to start fuel injection. The necessary conditions for BOSCH-common rail common rail engine injector to start fuel injection Common rail pressure exceeds the minimum set value (>350bar) Synchronization signal is normal: Sensor signal ≥ trigger threshold (related to air gap and speed) The phase is correct 1: Check […]

Common Rail Injector Test Steps

Common rail injector test steps: In the common rail test bench, the injector test goes by 4 or 5 steps: Leak test, VL, LL, VE, EM ,Pre-injection, some customers ask what is the meaning of this step, today we talk about these step’s meaning, and how it affects the engine’s performance LEAK TEST: Sealing test […]