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Common rail injector test steps

Common rail injector test steps: In the common rail test bench, the injector test goes by 4 or 5 steps: Leak test, VL, LL, VE, EM ,Pre-injection, some customers ask what is the meaning of this step, today we talk about these step’s meaning, and how it affects the engine’s performance LEAK TEST: Sealing test […]

Injection pump test bench

Diesel fuel injection pump test bench – 2

Diesel fuel injection pump test bench – 2 2 Operation requirements of the fuel injection pump test bench 2.1 Installation of the tested high pressure pump on the test bench The high pressure pump is fixed to the table rail by special clamping devices. The front end of the high pressure pump is connected to […]

Injection pump test bench

Diesel fuel injection pump test bench-1

Diesel fuel injection pump test bench: Diesel engine performance depends to a large extent on the precise calibration of the fuel injection pump. Although the fuel injection pump test bench has strict technical requirements to ensure the accuracy of the fuel pump parameter adjustment, if the use and maintenance are not in place, the quality of the […]

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Common rail injector tester-stroke measuring tool ( applys for Bosch CRI and Denso injectors)

Bosch CRI common rail diesel injector test- stroke measuing tool: 1:Armature lift adjusting shim 2:Remaining air gap adjusting shim 3:The armature total range adjusting circlip 4:Solenoid valve spring force adjusting shim 5:Nozzle spring force adjusting shims   Armature lift of the CRI diesel injector (standard value:45-45um) Remove solenoid valve, remove solenoid valve springs, shims, remaining air gap shims, […]