Common Rail Tester Engine Test Stand Injector Pump Calibration

How The Common Rail Works In The Engine?

Electronically controlled fuel injection technology directly or indirectly forms a constant high-pressure fuel through a common rail, distributed to each injector, and opened and closed by means of a high-speed electromagnetic on-off valve integrated on each injector, timing, The amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine is controlled in a very large amount to ensure that the diesel engine achieves an optimum combustion ratio and good optimization, as well as optimum ignition time, sufficient ignition energy and minimum pollution emissions. Now the new technology has begun to be put into use in cars powered by diesel engines abroad. This is an inevitable trend for the world’s automotive industry to meet increasingly stringent emission standards.

Electronically controlled common rail: “Electric control” means that the fuel injection system is controlled by a computer. The ECU (commonly known as the computer) precisely controls the injection quantity and injection timing of each injector, which can make the diesel engine fuel economy and power. The best balance is achieved, while the traditional diesel engine is mechanically controlled and the control accuracy cannot be guaranteed. “High pressure” means that the pressure of the fuel injection system is 1.1 times higher than that of the conventional diesel engine, and the maximum energy can reach 145 MPa (while the traditional diesel engine injection pressure is 60-70 MPa). The pressure is large and the optimization is good enough to burn, thus improving the power. Sexuality, ultimately achieving the goal of fuel economy.

The “common rail” is to supply the fuel injectors through the common fuel supply pipe. The fuel injection quantity is accurately calculated by the ECU, and the fuel of the same quality and the same pressure is supplied to each fuel injector to make the engine run more smoothly, thereby optimizing the diesel engine. Comprehensive performance. The traditional diesel engine is injected by each cylinder, the injection quantity and pressure are inconsistent, and the operation is uneven, resulting in unstable combustion, high noise and high fuel consumption.


In order to detect the common rail system, the high-pressure common rail tester is finished, it is a special test bench designed for test high-pressure common rail injector and pump calibration, and can complete various functional tests of high-pressure common rail systems.

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