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How to choose a common rail tester?

How to choose a common rail tester? There are many manufacturers of common rail tester on Chinese market. Each of them promotes the quality of their common rail tester. The price of the common rail tester ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Today, I will briefly explain here how to choose a […]

Fuel injection pump working principle-2

3.Fuel injection pump working principle – – structure The fuel injection pump is mainly composed of a pumping mechanism, a fuel supply amount adjustment mechanism, a drive mechanism, and a fuel injection pump body. Wherein, the pumping mechanism comprises a plunger coupler, an oil outlet valve coupler, etc.; the oil supply amount adjusting mechanism refers to […]

Fuel injection pump working principle-1

1.Fuel injection pump working principle-introduction The fuel injection pump is an important part of the diesel engine. The crankshaft gear of the engine drives the camshaft to rotate to complete the fuel injection function. The fuel pump is usually equipped with a governor to ensure the low speed operation of the diesel engine and the […]

How The Common Rail Works In The Engine?

Electronically controlled fuel injection technology directly or indirectly forms a constant high-pressure fuel through a common rail, distributed to each injector, and opened and closed by means of a high-speed electromagnetic on-off valve integrated on each injector, timing, The amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine is controlled in a […]