EUI EUP tester

Test an EUI or an EUP on a conventional pump test bench or our common rail test bench,offering adapter kits for most EUIs and EUPs on the world market.
The EUS repair tester is designed to perform repair tests for different type of Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) and Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP). The tester consists of a mechanical cam box with customer specified EUI/EUP adapter kits and a modular designed electronic controller.  The cam box is driven by a standard high pressure fuel injection pump test bench.The controller is modular designed to fit customer’s

Applications for testing various EUI.s/EUPs.

Constant velocity cam lobe to generate higher injection pressure, 3 times higher than cheap eccentric cams

Dual-solenoid module for Delphi E3 EUI
Piezo EUI module for VW Piezo EUI
Response time measurement module(optional)
Cummins ISX EUI metering and timing control module (optional)

Adjustable Beginning of Injection (BOI) in crank angle degrees
Adjustable injection period (PW) in crank angle degrees
Engine standard cam lobe designs:
Four levels of cam lifts(optional)


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