Common rail injector tester CRI200

Common rail injector tester:

1.Test Bosch Delphi Denso Simens Common rail injectors

2.For common rail solenoid valve injectors and piezo injectors

3.Test gaudate used with reliable quality.

4.Machine design is easy for operating

5.Low price

Common rail injector tester CRI-200


CR200 Common rail injector test bench is a machine to test diesel common rail injectors.
It can test all kinds of common rail injectors.


1.Testing solenoid and piezoelectric common rail injectors.
2. Measuring 2 injectors at the same time.
3. Measuring the fuel volume under injector’s LT, VL, LL, VE, TL working status.
4. Rail pressure is controlled automatically.
5. Single time injection make you view the degrees of atomization and the injection angles clearly.
6. Built-in hundreds of common rail injector standard data, and can add new data.
7. Test according to standard data automatically.
8. Common rail Injector test control signal:high speed ascend under large current,hold on and quickly shut off under low current .
9. Special design of injector holder, more easily and more quickly to fix.
10. Measuring the injection and return quantity by glass cylinder exactly.
11. The fuel Secondary fine filtering.
12. The fuel temperature is controlled automatically.
13. Various safety protection measures. 
14. Fault self diagnosis system , display the running state of the equipment.

Technical parameters

1.Power supply AC380V 3KW
2. Top rail pressure::180MPa
3. Pulse width 0-----3000us
4. Continuous injection times 0-----1000 times
5. 10.4 inch touch LCD screen, made in Taiwan. 
6. Max. pressure oil supply ability::160MPa*20L/H  
7. Overall dimension( mm):85*85*1700mm
8. Weight :240KG for the package


Here is the common rail injector tester video link:http://youtu.be/1nfn_rByzaQ

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